• May 8, 2021

Texas Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Experiential Website to Help Others Searching for Quality Hemp CBD Information

It would take Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2011 for Stephanie Johnson to consider cannabis. Now, having survived longer than anticipated, she hopes to help others feel more comfortable, too.

“I live with a lot of repercussions from the year of fighting breast cancer,” said Johnson. “My quality of life is absolutely, positively changed by having hemp-based products as a part of my lifestyle.”


In 2011, Stephanie Johnson was staring down a very scary diagnosis of Stage 3, Grade 3, Triple Negative, BRCA1+, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: Breast cancer. She was 38 years old. As a “Gen X, DARE Generation kid,” Johnson had always been taught to fear the cannabis plant family. It would take facing mortality with her cancer diagnosis to be open to the possibilities.

“I was looking at a less than 25% chance of living to see 5 years,” explains Johnson. “I was also looking at a tough fight that began with 4 months of chemotherapy followed by what would be several surgeries, including a double mastectomy and complete hysterectomy. Ultimately it would take a year to get through it all.”

Now, having lived longer than she ever expected, she attributes the willingness to add the cannabis family of plants into her life as being a major force in her being alive and functioning, today. It is this story that is at the core of why Johnson is determined to share her experiences – with the hope that someone else may benefit.

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“I know that I dove deep into research to get comfortable with the idea of cannabis in the first place,” says Johnson. “There’s so much that my generation was told that was fear-based. Now, I know better and that is why I want to be able to share in the journey with others who may be like me – who may be curious but don’t know where to begin. I had just had the opportunity to be a part of a book about real conversations around the plant and that had me thinking of the others who may be like me and wanting to know more.”

What started out as a “simple blog idea with some Instagram chatter,” Johnson’s personal journey has grown in attention to require a web-based home of information – the reason behind SinceDay3.com. A combination of reviews, research and industry interviews, Johnson hopes to reach those who, like her, are curious but don’t know where to begin.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to share news and information with those who may be as curious as I am but who may also be intimidated by starting a conversation with those who are industry experts,” says Johnson. “There is a duality of both incomplete information and very complete (but overwhelming) information out there. There are a lot of parts and pieces to this plant family and the industry, as well. Not to mention that it is ever-evolving, so what they may have heard last week could be different, today. I am hopeful to be a bridge between the experts and those, like me, who are still learning.”

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A 2019 study by New Yield Insights showed that a majority of those U.S. consumers who showed interest in CBD were 35 years of age or older (64%), were predominantly female (56%) and had college experience (79%). These numbers only solidify Johnson’s desire to keep spreading her experiential journey to others.

“The old stereotypes of the misanthropic, unmotivated stoner type just don’t add up anymore,” explains Johnson. “People like me are interested, but we’re often saddled between the old school rhetoric and how this can affect our lives – like employment availability. It’s a lot to try to take in and figure where to begin. I hope that my willingness to be open helps them feel more comfortable.”

Most of Johnson’s writings focus on the oft-ignored hemp industry and the high CBD products that the agricultural commodity is a base for.

“I’m in Texas which is, currently, a hemp state,” states Johnson. “What I have available to me is hemp-based products which are predominantly CBD. Hemp is the multifaceted and multipurpose non-psychoactive sibling to marijuana. I hope I can help them see how wonderful this plant we have truly is.”

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That limit of accessibility doesn’t seem to bother Johnson as her life, she claims, has been made functional because of these hemp-based options like CBD that she has access to.

“I live with a lot of repercussions from the year of fighting breast cancer,” said Johnson. “My quality of life is absolutely, positively changed by having hemp-based products as a part of my lifestyle. I have already been on the earth longer than expected and now, because of these non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD, I’m able to enjoy a higher quality of life with motility and mobility that I was not enjoying before CBD. I want this same kind of possibility for life quality for others, too. Maybe I can help them learn something new or see a brand that they feel comfortable trying because I already did.”

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Stephanie Johnson is a Dallas resident who regularly writes and speaks on hemp, CBD and breast cancer survivorship. Having lived to see 47 years old, she strives to be able to help others feel comfortable with this still misunderstood plant family and its potentials. More information at http://www.SinceDay3.com


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