• May 6, 2021

Star Micronics and Cova Software Join Forces to Streamline Cannabis Retail Point of Sale

by Heidi Orpilla

Together, Cova’s retail software and Star Micronics’ printing solutions simplify complex dispensary POS operations

Somerset, NJ – August 15, 2019 – Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proud to announce that Cova Software is supporting Star’s mC-Print3 printers for use in its suite of cannabis retailsoftware solutions.

Cova is an award-winning cannabis retail POS with an intuitive design and robust tech platform. Cova helps cannabis retailers simplify compliance, raise the customer experience bar, and increase revenue through automated compliance, touchscreen menus, an express check-out app, and mobile reporting dashboards. With a growing network of partners including LeaflyWeedmapsI Heart JanespringbigEnlightenMerrcoLift & CoBudtenderand Budvue, Cova’s seamless tech ecosystem provides retailers access to industry-leading tools to run their business.

The Star Micronics mC-Print3 thermal printer features a sleek design and Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Lightning connectivity, making it the ideal choice for modern, connected dispensaries. Easy to integrate through common SDK, the mC-Print3 is also cloud-ready and includes access to a suite of value-added Star Micronics Cloud Services, including tools for digital receipts and custom on-receipt printed promotions. Cova also supports the Star Micronics TSP143III, an easy-to-use, reliable thermal printer featuring high-speed printing, Print Flat Technology, Star Micronics Cloud Services, and more.

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“We’re really excited to partner with a top-tier POS hardware provider,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova. “They get it—the reliability and innovation needed to stay ahead in retail, especially in the cannabis industry. Their hardware performance, how fast and flexible it is, and their reputation for great support, it all aligns perfectly with Cova’s values and commitment to provide robust solutions for our customers’ growth. This is a long-term strategic partnership that makes perfect sense for us and creates big value for cannabis retailers.”

Soruces Cova Software  and Star Micronics


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