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Revolutionary Tracking System for Hemp and Cannabis Seeds

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SEATTLE, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hemp and cannabis growers can now verify that the products they order from seed producers are both certified and authentic and not inferior substitutes. 

Introducing Tag-it Tech's Natural Tracking System (NTS®) for seeds. Watch how the NTS® system scans and authenticates seeds in seconds using a cell phone.
Introducing Tag-it Tech’s Natural Tracking System (NTS®) for seeds. The NTS® system scans and authenticates seeds in seconds using a cell phone.

Tag-it Tech Inc. and TruTag Technologies Inc. have co-developed an “on product” tracking system for use by seed producers and growers called the Natural Tracking System® (NTS®). The revolutionary seed tracking system applies invisible organic coded micro-taggants mixed with a coating directly to the surface of seeds.  Once applied, these tags can easily be read using a cell phone that verifies the authentic origin of seeds in seconds. No sample preparation or lab analyses is required.

“Illegal products are a serious and growing problem facing the hemp, and cannabis industry,” says Karl Colder, Retired DEA Special Agent. “Legitimate licensed companies are suffering millions of dollars in losses and State sales tax revenues are impacted negatively as well,” says Colder.

States implementing licensed hemp and cannabis programs are currently utilizing tracking systems that rely on antiquated technologies. Barcodes and RFIDs on product packaging effectively track inventory and sales but fail to prevent many illegal activities because they can easily be copied, altered, disabled or separated from hemp and cannabis products.

“Our NTS® system is next generation technology and the industry needs it now,” says Tag-it Tech CEO, Paul Schutt. “Micro-taggants are impossible to remove from the products they track and using physical and digital anchors is revolutionary. Our technology is invisible to the naked eye, can’t be copied, and anyone can read it with a cell phone in seconds, making it superior in every way to all other tracking systems.”

Tag-It Tech’s proprietary Natural Tracking System® (NTS®) utilizes current model cell phones to read the coded micro-taggants applied to seeds.  The NTS® is built on Google Trillian, a secure ledger-based relational data platform that utilizes GPS mapping and attaches real time digital anchors each time products are scanned for authenticity. The platform is user friendly and fully expandable, allowing the addition of other products, such as concentrates, isolates, capsules, edibles, vape cannisters and packaging. The NTS® provides extreme functionality, allowing any amount of data to be captured and relayed to product exporters and importers, as well as law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the NTS® can be fully tailored for each use, securely integrating customer ERPs, state track & trace systems, and provincial, federal and international databases.


Tag-it Tech’s NTS® provides instantaneous authentication of product origin and ownership enabling product quality control, protection against IP and brand identity theft, and transparent access to product information.

About Tag-it Tech:

Tag-it Tech, Inc. provides micro-taggant based product tracking systems to State agencies managing licensed Cannabis programs. Tag-It Tech’s revolutionary Natural Tracking System® (NTS®), powered by TruTag Technologies, is designed and developed to address costly illegal Cannabis diversions to the black market that are challenging the industry and jeopardizing public health and safety. The NTS® provides law enforcement agencies and licensees alike with safe and secure product authentication; brand security; Cannabis product tracking data intelligence; and enterprise management solutions. Most significantly, Tag-it Tech’s NTS® effectively controls illegal Cannabis product diversions and increases State revenues generated by licensed Cannabis programs.

For more information on Tag-it Tech, please visit our website at: tagittech.com

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