• May 9, 2021

Modes of marijuana use – smoking, vaping, eating, and dabbing: Results from the 2016 BRFSS in 12 States

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Marijuana mode of use and multimodal use were assessed using data from 12 states.•

Nine in ten adult marijuana users reported past month marijuana smoking.•

One in five adult marijuana users reported past month marijuana vaping.•

About one-third of past month marijuana users were multimodal users.•

The prevalence marijuana mode of use varied significantly by state.



The prevalence of modes of marijuana use (e.g., smoked, vaped, eaten, dabbed, etc.), and of multi-modal use has not been assessed across multiple states, and can inform marijuana prevention and education work, given that certain modes of use are associated with specific public health risks. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of different modalities of reported marijuana use among adults in 12 states.


Data came from 6174 adult marijuana users age 18 and older who responded to questions about past month and mode of marijuana use on the 2016 BRFSS surveys in 12 states with varied state marijuana policies. We used weighted frequencies for descriptive analyses, and logistic regression to identify correlates of multi-modal use.



The prevalence of past month (current) marijuana use among adults in these states was 9.1 % (males = 12.0 %, females= 6.3 %). Among current marijuana users, 33.7 % reported multiple methods of marijuana use, 90.1 % reported any marijuana smoking (e.g., joints, blunts, bongs, bowls), 58.3 % reported only smoking (no other modes of consumption), 24.5 % reported any edible use, 4.5 % reported using only edibles, 19.4 % reported any marijuana vaping, 2.1 % reported only vaping, 14.5 % reported any dabbing (flash vaporization/inhalation of highly concentrated marijuana), and 0.4 % reported only dabbing. Correlates of multimodal use are also examined.


Multi-modal use of marijuana is common, and use of non-smoked marijuana (edibles, vaping, dabbing) often occurs in conjunction with other modes of marijuana use. Ongoing surveillance of marijuana modes of use and multi-modal use is warranted to inform public education and prevention.


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