• May 9, 2021

Ionic Brands Addresses Vape Product Safety Concerns

TACOMA, Wash., Sept. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IONIC BRANDS CORP. (CSE: IONC) (OTC: IONKF) (FRA: 1B3) (“IONIC BRANDS” or the “Company”) is pleased to address the recent vaporizer product safety concerns.  At IONIC BRANDS safety is a top priority. As many of you are aware, there have been distressing reports associated with vaping and vape products. The reported incidents appear to involve the use of both nicotine and THC containing products.

John Gorst, CEO and Chairman states “This is a situation that we take seriously and are monitoring closely”.  The U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and various U.S. States to investigate whether the illnesses may be linked to specific vaporizer devices, ingredients, or contaminants in the devices, or substances associated with e-cigarette product use. No substance including Tocopheryl acetate, commonly referred to as Vitamin E acetate, has been identified as the cause of these incidents.

In alignment with our pillars of Respectability and Responsibility, IONIC BRANDS only operates in U.S. States that have legalized cannabis for recreational use. All of our products adhere to the strict regulations of cannabis and THC in every market in which we operate. IONIC BRANDS has always been and continues to be committed to self-regulating above and beyond required State regulations and quality measures, and we have always promoted legal and responsible use by adults only.

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IONIC BRANDS continues to operate using only superior and better than cannabis industry standards. This includes individually testing every product at third party laboratories before it ever leaves our facilities. All of our products are created using only the highest quality materials exclusively sourced from licensed producers of integrity, that use state of the art equipment, and ensure strict operating practices and procedures are followed. We have never and will never use any additives that contain Vitamin E acetate, or any additives that are based on petrochemicals and it is not present in any of our products.

This is not a cannabis issue. This is an illicit market issue that calls for more regulation, not less. We are aware of the pervasive dangers of Black Market operators infiltrating legal markets with counterfeit, illegal and unregulated products. We strongly advise consumers to never use Black Market or illegal products, and to choose only tested and compliant products from licensed dispensaries.

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We are specifically concerned with the proliferation of these illegal and unregulated Black Market products in California, and as a result we feel a responsibility to temporarily suspend production in California until State regulators demonstrate that they can effectively enforce the laws of the State. We feel that it is too great a risk to our customers and shareholders and brands to continue production in California until regulators can take control of this problem.

We support fact based solution that will result in stronger regulations for the protection of consumers, and we continue in our ongoing commitment to provide only the highest quality products for our customers.

The CDC recommends that in the event that you are concerned about your health after using an e-cigarette product to contact your healthcare provider, or you can also call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. Health care providers also can contact their local poison control center.

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The Company is focused on building a multi-state consumer-focused cannabis concentrate brand portfolio focusing on the premium and luxury segments. The cornerstone Brand of the portfolio, IONIC, is one of the top vaporizer brands in Washington State and has aggressively expanded throughout the West Coast of the United States. The brand is currently being sold in Washington, Nevada, Oregon and California.  IONIC BRANDS’ strategy is to be the leader of the highest-value segments of the cannabis market and expand nationally.

John Gorst
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

For more information visit www.ionicbrands.com or contact:
John Gorst


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